Turtles are gods

On fallen trees, looking up.

Surveying the wild green

Water I approach without grace.

The turtles fell, as little gods fall,

Soft, and without diameter, into

Their murky and troubled kingdoms.

The freedom of their calm exit

Cut me deep, and so I left their

Side of the world in search

Of something i could conquer.

I wanted to be graceful, as

The turtles were so naturally.

I found my mountain, my cliffside,

And I lept, like a man might

Leap, righteous and full of

Wrong reasons. Full of hope.

I fell like a man would fall.

Purposeless, and with a

Radial splash, loud and human

And full of ignorant fury.

I had set out with a goal,

As men so often do, and

I did not return, as men

So often have. Broken and

Bent as bones. A lobster

Claw crushed beyond the

Meat's salvation.

A little god falls with a 'plink!'

With a grace I was not

Meant to understand.


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