love and marriage

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Baby, we are one flesh,Truly, we are man and wife;Baby, we are one flesh,The best ministry in my life.  
I found comfort with this ring,Peace as I hear my soul sings;An eternity of song for you and I,Every time I feel you nearby. 
I rest in darkness and despairYet dawn cuts through blackHope floods in, answer to prayerAll systems go: we seem on track
In the little time we have shared you have yet to cross me, but if I say "yes" my tears are at risk.   That may not seem fair to you but it doesn't have to be because I am fragile
It is a most joyous and brilliant scene, Such is the formidable sensation, Never such a raw essence have I seen, Than Love's truly divine revelation, Love is so powerful and immense that,
You are a man. You are a man that with a woman created a family, but also destroyed it.   You are a father. You are a father who helped us learned to play sports, but cared more to be the "all-star" yourself.
It's not a matter of finding the right person, But it's a matter of being the right person. I am not perfect and I know I am not the best, But if you give me your hand, I will be your best.
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