You Are a Man

You are a man.

You are a man that with a woman created a family, but also destroyed it.


You are a father.

You are a father who helped us learned to play sports, but cared more to be the "all-star" yourself.

You are a father that us children wanted to hang with, but instead chose to pay attention to the screen sitting directly in front of you.

You are a father who made promises, only for them to be broken and forgotten within the hour, day, week, and month. 

You are a father who is to be our protector, but instead drove the family away at times to spend holidays in the loving emptiness of a hotel room.


You are a husband promised to love the woman who is your wife, but instead chose the companies of other women before, during, and after the

relationship of being with your wife for twenty years.

You are a husband who is suppose to be in a partnership with your wife, but expected all meal to be cooked to your liking, all housework to be done

by others, all family members to cater to you as you sit on the couch living vicariously through a screen wanting a life you may want to have but in

order to get you must get off your ass and engage passionately with your family.

You are a soldier made to follow and serve order, but a home was tyrannical about personal lives. You are a man consumed by shiny and new things,

mostly getting the next best thing.


You are a man of narcissism, who doesn’t understand to regard other’s feelings, know when to ask for help, how to ask for help, and hold a civil


You are the man feminists stand against, expecting a woman to be a specific weight, to look a certain way aesthetically, wearing makeup and high

heels, only to cook your every meal and afterwards give you pleasure through the means of sex and repeat the cycle again.


You are a man who after your years with no family will hopefully be hit so powerfully one day that you realise what you have given up, destroyed,

and cannot create again no matter how hard you try.

You are man who will eventually discover that instead of being alone that you are lonely, finally learning that a woman who loves you so

unconditionally regardless of your acts of infidelity, disgusting words, and harsh expectations that she is to be cherished and to be hold on forever.

She is to not the feel the ways of self-deprecation, believing she is the one who is wrong.


You are a man who has dropped his family and no longer has the privilege to know when his son’s next baseball game and ask for pictures, to learn of

the dates your daughter goes back to college, you longer have the privilege to know us anymore. 

You are a man, and as your daughter -a conscientous woman, hopes you will dearly miss and her family, recognize your past errors, and are happy

with your life.

I love you and I thank you for the extraordinary experiences you have given my family and I.

As a woman to a man in a slow-coming equal and free world of gender, race, and love, I wish you the best.

This poem is about: 
My family


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