sexual assualt

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I close my eyes to rest i try and try to sleep. Does no good, espeially when the darkness surrounds me. with no light I lay there in fear of what might happen while I try sleeping. questioning if he will return.
Don’t start calling me ‘your’ anything, you were slime and toxic waste slammed into the back of my throat. You don’t deserve the space in my lungs, a crevice between my wings. Are you happy?
Shadow... Now she's the girl he told everyone about, bragging, changing, manipulating the reality of what really happened. She got stripped of her clothes, stripped of her trust, stripped of her youth. 
You know when you wake up in the middle of the night and you choose to not wear your glasses?
Seventeen in English class My ex-boyfriend has assaulted me in the future And my friend eats pills that make him see red In a metaphorical sense if you didn’t understand   I’m writing poetry for my teacher
Jordan,   Because they were rough, and calloused The worn fingers that laced with mine matched the temperament of their owner The hands of a hard man  
Dear Monster
No, Please stop, I really don't want to do this, It seemed like forever, It was painful.   Summer is supposed to be fun, You don't cry in the summer, You don't stay inside all day,
Sometimes I think about how many roads I must cross until I get hit by a car. It makes me think about love. How many broken hearts and broken promises do I have to bear until I find “the one”
A woman says no, “I will not sleep with you,” and a man goes on a lethal shooting spree and kills the neighbors.
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