bitter truth

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For the land of the free? How can that be, When education and dreams are for the wealthy?   To gain a college education, You must pay. The price is not one that most can afford.  
How can a country be so pro-life, but take away a sick child's life? We may think that we are the best, but that lie needs to be put to rest. Homeless Veterans crowd the street, that is something we have to beat.
Let me speak the truth of this heart, That no one wants, To see, touch, or feel its true intentions, Of not lust that fulfills most sapiens,
Its a big white world in which we must add color ourselves however the only color I have is crimson the color of humanity for I am as human as they get   The world will never be colorful 
The world was created to support man. We take and we take; greedily, until there is no longer a grain of sand. “Earth is nothing more than a machine,” says man. He soon digs his own grave-
The Resemblance Of Loath And Love, I Lead With Either, Through The Slip Of The Tongue, The Meaning Changes Indefinitely, And As I Mean One,
Nightfall is honest, For when the dawn comes, the sun awakens, I too.   The truth dies with rising gold, a new lie spun for all's eyes.
I was born and raised color blind. The races of everyone around me was gone. I was taught to believe that everyone was human, By mixed race parents.  
Is it true? Does good defeat bad? Does light over power dark? Most of all, does love conquer all? Bad can always win, shadows lurk at the edge of the light waiting to make its way in Love
What is a rock? Solid and strong. Formed by breaking free. I sit and I see.  Looking out into the ocean, I am there. The sea is on me, over me. I am solid and strong, Just like a rock.
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