Police Bruatily

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Haven't you heard?The minorities are still the majorityYet the majority still aren't flourishingParalyzed, trapped in poverty, jailedWhy is that, you askHaven't you heard? Did you watch the news?Another black person downNot by another young foolBu
The propaganda they crack but I ain't buying/ Blues beat the blacks, black and blue so red they lie in/ Watch the news it ain't nothing new, my people still suffering/
Minorities join together, Speeches written on their suffrage. Couplets composed with words like leather,
Your spirit held the beauty of Aphrodite but never commanded a crowd to form around you like this Instead it was the crimson liquid, glistening in the light, That made everyone stare
I don’t hate you I hate what you do I can’t stand you But I still respect you
I tail him on unruly backroads, high beam lights irradiating from my car into his; a hawk extending his talons. My siren, the trumpet,
Black In America. i felt it for the first time. how Ironic. I was always Black In America.
Growing up like any other kid i had to have “the talk”. You know the talk when they explain that people will automatically assume that your ignorant, thunderous, and bombastic because your 10 shades darker than them. Or you know the talk when you
It's a sin The aphrodisiac relationship blood has with skin 
 I don't wanna die too young I'll say it again , I don't wanna die too youngHaving my loved ones and the people that knew me tear up every time they hear my name Or feel a sudden rush of sadness  or pain and feel like every time someone uses my na
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