Land of the not so free, but still home of the brave

Minorities join together,

Speeches written on their suffrage.

Couplets composed with words like leather,

Silencing them would be cruel coverage.

Majority agrees with freedom of speech,

Unless it threatens their privilege.

Minorities peaceful protests incorporate "Impeach!",

False interpretations pollute majority's visage.

Appoint police to fuel their false theory,

Minorities now exacerbated.

National guard arrives to bring tyranny,

The word peacful now macerated.

Minorities murdered unjustly on streets,

Leverage now unfairly justified.

News station claim all support depletes,

That is the minorities being stultified.

What rises is minority endorsement,

Oppression no longer being tolerated.

Majority shocked at the reinforcement.

Support is now consolidated.

Silencing would be cruel coverage,

However that is not what scares.

Majority fears courage,

On the back of their necks stands hairs.




This poem is about: 
My country


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