'I am... Scholarship Slam I am... Scholarship Slam 2015'

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I am young I am free I am strong I am me. I am a survivor I am waiting I am a not a backeast dirver I am debating. I am a girl who followed simple rules
More than what you see when I walk by Not just a pretty face with brown eyes Well put together yes indeed Yet struggling to provide for a family of 6 who is ineed
i have to be this i have to be that expectations are tearing me apart i question the standards i challenge the norms why can't i say what's deep in my heart
Water is transparent.A liquid with no definitive shape.Versatile.Always shifting.Ability to freeze and then melt.Water is something people desire.Water is something people fear.
During an era when we were bound and silenced, We chose to speak up, No matter the consequences.   Now in a time when we are "free", We stay quiet. We let others fight our battles,
There was something About her smile About her laugh About her eyes That was empty. There was something About her past About her dreams About her future That scared her.
I want to be a rock, but I flow like a summer breeze. I want to be loyal, but sometimes I need something new. I want to tell the truth, but I know the truth hurts.
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