being yourself. advancing society

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When another day is finally through, So is the character you’re playing too Always someone who pleases everyone Is there anything nice you haven’t done? Be honest, tell me you’re having some fun
I greet the man at the counter   "A glass of gladness please."   He stares at me funny   "Do you not have that one? Ah, then I'll have a cup of cheer."   Still skeptical  
I always see the good side of people,Always giving them the ‘benefit of the doubt’,While I expect others to do same for me,Still doing so even when they don’t. 
Look in the mirror Now tell me what you see Well, If you'd ask me I'd say a set of small eyes And a huge nose And a ridiculously fat stomach And sausage toes
Hey! Hey! Have you Heard? The tales which are spread on the streets?
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