A Simple Sip & Juicy Chat

I greet the man at the counter


"A glass of gladness please."


He stares at me funny


"Do you not have that one? Ah, then I'll have a cup of cheer."


Still skeptical


"Sigh, just a sup of spirit then."


His face shows some sense of recognition... but I'm quite sure he's never had a customer like me

"I'll have what he's having."


I gesture to the convivial chap next to me


"Ah, then you'll be wanting the ale."


"Ail? Certainly not, I came here to have a good time.  Please, just some tickle and grin."


"Listen kid, I don't know what you think you'll find, but I just serve the normal stuff here"


"Normal stuff y'say? You serve all that wine and all that bum, but no liquid nostalgia.


No claps or pixies, just bitters and whiskeys."


The man frowned, I'm afraid I've offended him


"Pick your poison, your swig, your brew. Want something softer? I've got nothing for you. I don't offer liberation just libations. This is a sad world solved by potations. Swallow your shots and take up your shots. The refreshment you seek is not in such shops."


I look at him and smile, pat the fellow beside me, and leave

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Our world
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