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United States

Hello Mr. Or Ms. Lost how do you feel? You feel as if you belong to one group and then another  Trying to find that appeal you want Trying to find that missing thought or piece to complete you Have you found it? Or you feel as if your on a different beat then others. Your watching others like a movie The characters are happy and laughing But you are the extras apart of that movie quietly observing Wishing to be apart of a caring loving sea but you are that lost teardrop railing down your luminous eyes.  You feel as if no one understands you, how could they You are an unexplained dark cloud of mist floating quietly and soundly to an unknown place  Your alone, but are you expressing your beautiful sorrowful mind?Where could a lonely dark cloud like you could go?Anywhere but here you would say  Because you feel trapped  your suffocating Who is doing this? Your lover, your father, your sister, your brother, or is it you You didn't know that you could be your own sun brightly guiding your way...Home.But you can also be a cage for your own soul locking you away in your dark mist leading you to an unknown abyss Please tell me lost child that you have found your way  Please stop feeling like your worthless like that paper you had balled up when you were filled with such anguishI need you to stop killing your soul  Stop feeling like your soul and that beautiful mind of yours is meaningless Let it free so it's not lost You will know why you were lost It was because you didn't  let your soul go free of all your dark negativity And find it's way home.But how can I speak when I haven't done the same? 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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