50 American States

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For the land of the free? How can that be, When education and dreams are for the wealthy?   To gain a college education, You must pay. The price is not one that most can afford.  
If America was a person She would tell us many things We are not deserving of what this counrty brings black,white,copper skinned It is land, a land with laws She would ask why we argue
Oh Sweet America, you killed my brother today and went home to tell your side you classified him by his skin and decided it was time ,that you were God and that you should be the one to end his life  
I swear there is a blood sucking leech that's sits in the center of America draining it dry of everything it has.
The Election. My biggest fear. I never thought my life would come to this, Sent into this spiraling abyss, With family and friends, Neighbors and lovers, Torn apart by the threat of others.  
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