If America was a person

She would tell us

many things

We are not deserving of what this counrty brings

black,white,copper skinned

It is land, a land with laws

She would ask why we argue

over,over things that are obvious

race.what is race? We are a human race

Yes. That is obvious. Or is it?

We fought,we fought wars. Right?

So why are people spitting at our flag. Burning . Burning it down.

We are not deserving.

This entitled attitude. Why? Why do you think you deserve anything?

Did you die in battle?

She cries. She is wallowing in past sins. How can she stand again. Be great again?

Can we ? Will we ever be. Are we even deserving?

No . She says. She says that we are all too selfish to come together.

She remembers a time when things were much worse.

But isn't it worse now?

No. She says. It could be better right?

What happened to people being proud of their country? She cries again.

She looks at all these people. Taking. Their taking from her. 

She's dying. Dying slowly. The bleeding has slowed down. 

But people keep ripping the scabs off.

They are stabbing her. Again. And again. And again.

She wants it to stop.

But it won't.

Will it?

She says it can.

But how ? I say

She says we have to be great again.

But how? I exclaim.

She says by stop spreading hateful hyporcisy through airwaves

Stop being concenred about winning

put your pride down.

I am . I am trying.

She sighs. Only then you will be deserving.

There was once a time when people were proud of me.

They were proud to be American.

But I am proud to be American! I say . I hold her tightly.

But others are not.

That is dividing you.

If you all saw

If you all came

If you all thought

that you were, ARE American.

You would all be deserving. 

Deserving of sharing hardships

sharing triumphs

Together. All together.

Because you are deserving .

Deserving of being American.

This poem is about: 
My country


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