Sweet America

Oh Sweet America,

you killed my brother today and went home to tell your side

you classified him by his skin and decided it was time

,that you were God and that you should be the one to end his life


you slammed his brown body to the ground,

shot at him, four, no, six times

and stood there in shock as you watched him die

you stood and watched... as another black man unwillingly left his family and responisibilities behind


you claimed you felt threatened for your life

but what about his, lying there defenseless, as you, Sweet America

pointed your gun and decided to take his 


stating it was an accident and he got too wild

but what you meant was he got too black,

too strong, too proud


how many times do you except that bullshit ass story to fly,

to be justified when Trayvon and Michael are getting shot down every single time


Oh Sweet America

you took my great brother's life today,

you took his fucking life

and you will pay absolutely no price, serve no kind of time

leaving me to mourn and build up this hate and anger I have for you


Fuck you Sweet America 



This poem is about: 
My country


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