Music For Life

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On and on, the music flows,Through the fields of the Village Green.   On and on the music goes,The Irish sing and dance it home.   On and on the music flows,Down the valley to the village below.
Sometimes we fall,Sometimes we slip up,But no mater what happens music is here for US.
No matter what we do,Sound is made.No matter what century we're in,
The marching band marches,The orchestra bows,The jazz band swings,
Left and right,The Music flows.Forward and backward,
I see instruments singing, the noise of the universe,
Drums beat into the night,Drums beat on the field,Drums beat the funeral on.
Calling to ours hearts,Listening to our tears, 
Born of wood and metal,A child of winter and music.Sung from the beauty of a willow,Sung from the passion of Mother Earth herself  
Pretty and sweet, they singInto the night
Thunderous fortes they play.Round chords they play.
The time has come for a suite,Humbling and sweet.Eternity awaits for those of us,Standing on destiny’s edge.  
I need to find a place;Where the music will flow,
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