a polluted world

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Staring at God's creation, with sore eyes. It's too much to bare, watching what mankind has done, has brought me to tears. But i do fear, what will happen when the next generation comes here.
A passage back to the earlier centuries Gives us a glimpse into the unknown When a sailors highest schooling was elementary At a time when no one would have flown.
I am famished and I need Food, I am Thirsty and I need water but I prefer takeaway Are we going to watch the effect with our Black hair ignorantly till it turns grey?
The happiness in a riverbed in infinite The animals are happy, feeding and breeding. The water is warm, as the sun shines brightly overhead Plants grow wildly as nature deems it so, and feeds her young
  Bums living in the bushesAt 66 and MayGirls only want to playThe boysHave their toysWe need to all Be making some noise
From the beginning of our birth, The world sputters indecipherable wavering vibrations, To be engraved into every inch of our being, dissolving into the translucent inferring sphere of our minds,
I sprout from the ground in the midst of spring I start out small, a pale green sapling I reach for the sky and breath in the sun I wave in the wind until day is done I feel the dirt and root myself deep
The plague is eating at us! Clutching at our lungs, Shriveling up our tongues, Yet the most that we observe is the fungi lingering between every toe. Our body stinks of vomit,
Deaths and explosions are all we see. You think of it as nothing but a buzzing bee. Blood and tears are filling the land. You see all this in the palm of your hand.
Sometimes I'll look out a window and think about how much of my life I'm wasting. Just sitting here, watching the sun rise and set, set and rise. Like  Bread that I can't eat. It's too hot, but oh so  Tempting.
"Hearts entangled, between the sheets Sheets of musical score as if no goalie we freely proceed to create Passing passions participating in the same games Right place, right times, We collide.
I have a million thoughts running through my head and it seems that none of them have a clear answer for me.
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