Inner demons

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My Demons by: Luis V My Demons torment me by night  My Demons friends with me by day  My Demons can’t escape them  My Demons I hear their voices 
My demons like to come out and play Don't worry they won't bother you they are only after me In fact let them braid your hair, they are great at that Do you need your make up done, they have that down pact
If a picture is worth a thousand words A poem is worth a thousand pictures  A thousand realities lie in carefully crafted lines To some, the word alone brings feelings of peace
Dear Me, 
Tell me a secret. Tell me something no one else knows. Tell me something no one else understands. Tell me a secret.   Come here. Closer. Closer. Do you wanna know a secret?
The nightmares don't end when I turn on the light, My thoughts prevent me from my rest in the night, So harsh and so cruel not a good thing to say, They leave me so nervous to take on the day,
My eyes are blurring and tears are falling As night passes by sleeplessly. The demons of my waking hours Are detaching from the shadows Sharpening old weapons.
Tick-tock like the hands of a clock.
Life changes and everything about me is new.But there's one thing that's always stayed the same...I still hate myself the same as yesterday,and I still think of death like it's unavoidable.
People always leave me Eventually everyone gets tired of the girl who is depressed for no reason I do And if I'm not cutting I'm not eating And if not that
There's a smile on lips Cheerful, warm, loving But these two rows of teeth Are the only barrier Keeping my screams from escaping Help! Can't you hear me? The screams roll like waves
I do not know what she is to me. I cannot say how I feel. She’s like a pebble stuck in the back of my mind. How can I tell her how I feel? With my body pressed close against her frame,
We all have demons inside And that's not to say that We can't truly be fixed See, lately I've found that Even the most beautiful People have them And even the ones you
My inner demons are dark and vast, Some live in the present, some in the past. You can only hide them for so long, But they always peak their head, From the trapped doors in my memories,
If you dared take a peak inside my twisted mind, then you might understand what it's like to be destroyed by yourself. Depression consumes, my thoughts could kill -- my inner demons smirk as they corrupt my mind.
Lying on my back, looking up above, two angels dark and light hands extended I know the choice I'm to make but am unable to see which is the dark which is the light
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