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i just want my friends back. im getting sad thining about it i cant stop thinking about it  its clouding my brain. they left. where do i go from here?  I feel so alone with out them. 
Tick Tock... off goes my clock Wake up, send a text....want to get a bagel? Tick, tock...text me back already, Yes, but your're paying.
Each flower I picked for you I wished and wished For your words to be true But even the steams Knew you told lies Slowly, they shrunk Without saying their goodbyes Each flower I picked
The elegance and permenance is not what makes it memorable it is the image of each of you strung out on a clothesline with one throwing their had back in hysterics and one staring blankly but never sorrowfully.
It was like <br>A bruise <br>The type of blue <br>Recognizable by a glance  <br>Not sky blue<br>Not ocean blue<br>But bruise blue<br>Not peace nor mystery<br>But rough and harsh<br>Delicate and
It's Mr.fish who knows that Mr. crocodile is seek cause the live in the same world; the river.      
I remember Way back when You and I first became friends Life was just a play pretend For you and I, there was no end Subtle, sudden, stupid, trouble
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