Remember, Remember

Sat, 06/27/2015 - 20:51 -- Sylis
I remember
Way back when
You and I first became friends
Life was just a play pretend
For you and I, there was no end
Subtle, sudden, stupid, trouble
When did it become more than that?
When did I become a devil in your eyes?
And you, an angel in mine?
When did I become captivated in your smile?
And you, in my lies?
Remember, Remember
I warned you away
But I followed you along, entrapped in your ways
Remember, Remember
Love letters in the sand
Washed away before the day even began
Remember, Remember
A thousand secrets whispered in the night
When the wind blows, they all take aflight
Remember, Remember
Mind full of Memories
And a Heart full of Regrets
I digress from my true purpose
And as I egress, I neglect
To elect a reason to keep focused
On things I find worth it
Breathe slow and Remember
That one day these futile struggles
Will be worthless.
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