Getting a bagel

Thu, 03/03/2016 - 13:02 -- marj123

Tick Tock... off goes my clock

Wake up, send a text....want to get a bagel?

Tick, tock...text me back already,

Yes, but your're paying.

Singing as loud as we coluld for a hung over girl, fetty wap was "wicked litt" the night before.

A bagel, some shopping and ofcourse some gossiping.

A few short hours later im back home alone.

A few short hours later i hear ringing on my phone.

She did it. she really did it....are you okay? do you know? did you see twitter?

What seemed like hours later i slobbered up, face swollen, asking, why'd you do it?

whats the reason why?

birthdays and holiday, anniversaries and events go by..... im still wondering why

suicide, a prominent solution, for a temporary situation.

but atleast i got you a bagel, you still owe me one.



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