Making a Difference

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My hand shakes as I knock on my mothers door I’d been a believer since I was born. She promptly appeared, an eyebrow raised. I then proceeded to make my case.  
Citizens; just small fish. America; just a pond. We are just small fish in a big pond. So small do we make a difference, or is it the larger ones that make the significance?
Words cannot change the world And it will never be true that We can make a difference just by writing The written word Is not able to replace Advancing technology in our society
I am determined to decide my own fate To change the worlds hate I am the one to bring light In a world that is covered by a deceitful night I am one who will defy my own self
You may say I am naive,
A single drop of rain  Is a bullet from a sniper in the sky 
Wake up, weak eyes
Sounds are all around. Some fill you up, some bring you down. Words can be daggers or soft as a feather.
If I were to harm myself can you tell me how you'd feel? Would you feel ashamed of it, of how you made me kneel? 
Now, I live life to the fullest Only to be brought down by foolishness Foolishness from classmates That don’t understand whats at stake And education The key to reviving a nation
trying to do the right thing trying to change your ways trying to stick to God but Satan just won't stay away stay away from drugs remember stay in school problems at home and drama at school
So young and bold, we are too proud to admit that we care-- Yet, we still have no care in our world. We are the gold miners of the Earth. Digging in the dust and in ourselves,
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