I am a Saviour


United States
34° 3' 33.6744" N, 117° 0' 31.6368" W

I live life to the fullest
Only to be brought down by foolishness
Foolishness from classmates
That don’t understand whats at stake
And education
The key to reviving a nation
A nation that’s in a dark situation
I gather my concentration
Cuz im a savior fueled by hatred
Im hated and im judged
But at the same im loved
Loved by supporters
That surround me like the boarders
Border patrol and gun control
Seem to be having a hard time
Because illegal things getting in with time
Gang Life and Drug Life
Isnt that what kids like
Because its put in the spotlight
That’s not right
That young kids loose life
Im Not martin luther king’ing
But you see I have a dream
That I can make a better scene
I’ll write each step in a beautiful song
The only sad part is you wont hear it till im gone
This is just my voice
And you have a choice
To hear me
Or to not
Either way I’ll be here till im gone
That’s it…


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