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Once I believed in something real Had faith in a love I would feel But that hope I had collapsed and it faded away Drowned in the darkness of another day The hope I had disappeared long ago
wanting to have true friends but none are true enough to be one wanting to get in love and to be loved but gifted with none of the above  
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I remember The middle of November Back in seventh grade   In biology We were taught to see
.I'm determined 
In this strange tangled mess I left us in, I found love. Or rather, I think I did.   I thought I loved you. I define Love as giving anything for the betterment of another human being.  
We've been broken up for six months both of us are in new relationships , and I woke up this morning to a next telling me you love me how can you love me and love someone elese?
She Thought She Could Learn Calculus in Twenty Minutes Without Knowing X
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