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Black specs of ash Trickle down upon me. As I breathe in The air is heavy. I blink with stinging eyes and look above to witness a blazing sky.   Grey overcast
The whispers of secrets Tucked away they lie Seemingly quiet as crickets Yet as boisterous as the sky Bending down to touch the earth Out of the withered hands of an ungodly nook
Snickering and cackling Its sparks are laughing Trying to warm us And staying lit is a must   Acting like it was having fun It has the touch of the sun Burning whatever it is touching
I leave you kisses everywhere, 
In the desert lightning strikes, An act deadly for the dry wild fields, Under the brush a spark ignites, Fed by the winds it consumes all it reaches, Steadily climbing towering trees,
It glistens, It flutters, and silences. Overcome with power, climbing the hills. Riding like tides, flaunting its furious reds. It leads the way, only to paint, and leave a barren black.
Kissing, trembling, Up your spine. Licking, tasting, Your thoughtless mind. My eyes glow yellow As your arms bare orange Jaws clamp tight As you’re no more. Fall down in white,
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