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While the sky held her hands  Her eyes as bold bells I heard An ocean enough to drown deep to be found a herd.   While care is lost in the seas
We can all be everything  everyone has ever been   We can all be everything  no one has ever been   Yet 
Like smoke, we were dispersed after the poison of our fun Went in and out, left cancer's promise on a pair of lungs Atrophy at your heavenly side is worth all the waste
Work till you drop or make stacks of cash Drown in luxury, clothing, and jewels Drink till you can't remember your name Drug with toxins so you can dream  Watch a screen to forget the day 
I hate myself
I’ve been exhausted in vain Becoming a waste of space Growing used to verbal abuse For a minimum wage
just in case you've forgotten, vices are not  inhereited through the  splitting of DNA between your mother and father. the excuses from your brother don't replace yours and they don't cover up
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