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We can all be everything 

everyone has ever been


We can all be everything 

no one has ever been



When we do not believe we can


It is either the personality that becomes 

would not choose us


Or we do not pick personality’s call 

Via invitation of the “telephone line” of reputation. 


We are everything 

The luxury of virtues and lurking lust of vices.


All the mistakes others have made 

We are likely to make 


All the goodness others have accomplished 

We are likely to accomplish.


All people are dimensions of who we are 

At a particular bend of setting and edge of time.


We are we uniquely 

Individually we are our quantum. 



This poem is about: 
Our world
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K. Salman

You have a certain vision, displayed, at least in this poem. I find it intriguing and you wrote it, you say, about the world. Tell me, have you felt that you can make the world better by letting them see your thoughts and ambitions through words or do you write to explain what you see and how you interpret it?


It goes both ways wordsmith,

for I am a heyoka empath, an INFJ and moon pieces. 


K. Salman, thank you.

It goes both ways wordsmith,

for I am a heyoka empath, an INFJ, and amoon pieces. 

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