true self

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I am a creature of the desert I can be no other, it is my home, I am its son Though the mountains call, and I go to them, I do not stay But having drunk deep of shade and pine and mushroom loam
Because you love me you sat up all night Despite having work the next morning, early So I could cry over nothing Because my anxiety told me “Warning: OVERWHELMED”  
Walls around my heart, Chains around my body   Keeping me stiff and without emotion Keeping me from letting anyone in   These walls I built a mile high inside me
So you ask me who I am,As if I really know,As if I could be just one person,Part of the status quo,One person is not really one,Especially at this age,There are so many of us now,
Personas vacillate 'tween what is good,
Oh, she is bent on this fading belief
Who hides behind this mask of mine,  The one given at birth so fine, The one who wishes to fit in, Yet identity sticks like a pin.    Through dance she moves effortlessly,
My True Self   My true self is a lion A gorgeous one you see When she stands up fierce as well as tall
What exists beneath my curtain What exists beneath the wall, the shield, the barricade What extists beneath this bright smile Beneath this laugh that lights up the world What exists beneath my  protection
Blistered ego, aching self,scared girl in lion's mane.Teeth bared, upturnedto keep sanity.  I don't wantto inconvenience, I
I hide from you all. My true self, I cannot recall. You see what you want to see. I display a fake identity.
Outside lives a guy with a smile that will brighten up the room, yet inside hides a guy with a frown full of despair.
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