I am the Ocean

The beach and the ocean is my home

I draw inspiration from its beauty

And Its art inspires the colorful thoughts within me

I am like the ocean, blue or gray

Dangerous and powerful or glowing and lovely

My tides ranges from high to low a different day


I am a helper, like a wave to a surfer on a sunny day

Like the sea to the fish, I wish to have a home

Surrounded by friends and family, so lovely

This would be, but this beauty

Is not my blue ocean but it is gray

For most of my support comes from only me


Leadership and compassion is a true part of me

I am the full moon guiding a high tide on night's day

I try my best to add color to the gray

Clouds of which I call home

To show others their beauty

Is like the ocean, just lovely


I hide myself because just like the beach, I am not always lovely

I am afraid of other's criticisms about me

That I am nothing but cracked sand, a broken beauty

"You're not good enough for the day"

My family would say inside our home

I only show others my sunny side, never gray


And if I do decide to show my gray

side, will they still think I'm lovely

Or will they tell me to go back home

What will they think of me

Their opinions change day by day

Just like the blue ocean's beauty


Deep down I know i have acquired true beauty

And there will be days where I am gray

But I will make it through this day

For my true self is lovely

I should let everyone know about me

That is when it'll truly feel like home


I hope my true self is a beauty that you may think is lovely

I swear I'm not always the gray sand, dont think of me

differently on this day, I just want to feel at home



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