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To be somebody And Not just-anybody For that someone And Not just anyone. Someone but not anyone in someone else’s eyes To be that somebody the one they can’t deny To be “The One” they seek they find
》𐍆 𐍈 𐍂 𐌱 𐍊 Ɗ Ɗ 𐌴 𐍀 🍎 𐍆 𐍂 𐍁 𐍊 𐨠《 By Joe Lilley aka Levi DiVine
Babes,    ▪︎ You don’t even realize ▪︎what you’re doing it’s clear to see ▪︎Ofr how bad you messed up a good thing. ▪︎The greatest life Anyone has ever known ▪︎was meant for you and I. ▪︎ We were meant to
"It all starts and ends with just one Friend, The One who takes you there and back... Again and again...over and, Forever more,  Always will be there at the door"
My Afro Stems from Kings and Queens  With Unruly curls  Just like Me. It’s not perfect 
  What is this nation coming to? What are “We the People” gonna do? People are going out of their way to be known. If you wanna be cool then you need an iPhone.
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