Ms. Misery

   ▪︎ You don’t even realize
▪︎what you’re doing it’s clear to see
▪︎Ofr how bad you messed up a good thing. ▪︎The greatest life Anyone has ever known ▪︎was meant for you and I.
▪︎ We were meant to
and we could have BOTH Together
▪︎changed the lives of millions of people
for 🧬 Generations to come with our story/our journey.
▪︎A story that was one of great significance and substance.
▪︎One with everything from bad to worst
▪︎that brought Death and Damnation from lies of outsiders
▪︎dressed in fancy clothes
        and wearing fake smiling faces.
▪︎ All plotting to cause division of true love and destiny
▪︎ as misery was the mission
▪︎Miss misery  loves company.
         With all her deceitful schemes.
▪︎ planting seeds of doubt,confusion and disarray.
▪︎Bouncing here and there like a Easter bunny planting jelly beans
▪︎hers where made of dispare

▪︎We could have- would have both been
the greatest Love Story ever today
▪︎ of 2 Beautiful disasters whose souls passed through life To afterlife to life again. 
▪︎ But this one is burning so hot that the pages have passed away in the Heel-fire flames you allowed to pass the threshold of our lives Not just yours You may not of even known it maybe you did but I also did the same thing but I can say I didn’t realize at first. But in moments I did.They Both become new whether near or far Nothing Could Separate. Even if one runs away. Our love would never Fail-and it could’ve grown stronger in fact it will will grow stronger with each passing Day. But you sold me out since the beginning before even got a chance to know me in any which way we make love couple times and then I get excuses after excuses why after lie. become New both still become 1 yet Divided including the after life. These lovers since Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet and would stand the test of time. On that Journey we stood against many struggles and many if not the whole package of life’s obstacles brought forth to Destroy our Destiny since the Beginning of a New Era at the startand the Ending Of Another. This was & could’ve been the last Love story ever written before simulated aka manipulated to be a false sense of reality false hopes and dreams when You and I....well I thought the greatest Days our lives will have reality Ever known. I guess like u said since the beginning Right now when this helps you realize it was never about me or Chris or our kids that I personally helped u raise while
raisimgvu up with a gentlemans hands made our already messed up situations up a good thing. I know you’re gonna regret this 1 day and for the rest of them When you open your eyes and see past the disguise and the veil that makes u blind

I'm my own worst enemy, chemical dependency, I don't need your sympathy, already lost my dignity, livin

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My family
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