Fri, 12/06/2013 - 13:11 -- spatusc



What is this nation coming to?

What are “We the People” gonna do?

People are going out of their way to be known.

If you wanna be cool then you need an iPhone.

Wear three hundred dollar shades and a watch that's hand-made.

If you wanna be cool, just spend more than you're paid.

Consumerism has consumed us; it's a well known fact,

Made clear by our choices and the way we all act.

America is on the brink of becoming extinct.

You all probably doubt me but that's what I think.

Think about social media, and all the time we are spending.

We’re wasting hours of our day just to be “#trending.”


But that's past. This is now, that was then.

I wanna be known for more than what I spend.

Who cares about cash and material wealth

If I could write enough books to fill a shelf?

I strive to be different, unique from the rest.

I don't think designer clothes will make me the best.

It's my personal opinion, Ugg boots are ugly,

but even worse is a blanket-sleeved Snuggie.

The stuff we blow money on makes me shake my head.

The Founding Fathers would revolt if they weren't all dead.

Wearing Miss Me jeans with American Eagle.

C'mon America! Are we really that feeble?

Yet I am also guilty, so I can't be one who talks.

I go to school every day wearing twenty dollar socks.

Still I will change that. The change starts right here.

It might take me just days or it might take a year,

But I will find a way to make myself better than the "best."

I think I might have a solution that will answer to this test.

I will be myself, and stay true to who I am.

I don't care if I'm not cool or not in name brand.

I try my hardest to be different and stand apart.

In this day and age is it bad to be smart?

No, of course not! And it never will be,

But if it was then who cares? I’d still be me.

Public opinion isn’t my greatest concern.

If you don’t know me now then that’s something you’ll learn.

I’m different. I’m original. I think I’m unique.

I really don’t worry about other’s critique.

I wish this country would do more of the same.

Personality, not wealth, should give you a name.

This is a call to change to start right here.

I feel that my poetic message is clear:

Don’t go out of your way to impress anyone else.

Don’t worry about opinions. Be true to yourself.

The old ways of this nation will eventually start ending 

If we the people learn to not worry about  #trending.




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