too much

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Too much sunlight can kill a rose Too much water can kill a rose. Not enough sunlight can kill a rose. Not enough water can kill a rose.   Too much and not enough. That's always the problem, isn't it?
I feel too much  Too fast Too often  Too deep  Too strongly   I want to make it stop    I need to make it stop   
I’m not saying I’m in love, that would be way too fast. I’m just saying I have some feelings, I haven’t felt in the past.  A feeling of comfort that I don’t reach easily.
callouses for all the love letters callouses for final goodbyes callouses for missed shots      and unfilled glasses callouses for skipped heartbeats      and magic wands
Let me Go  to Nothing I  Want to  Do Everything But it  Is Too Much Everything  Nothing I  Don't  Know  Which  To Choose
The stages of rain are neverending But it seems that this rain is heavy Mixed with hail and God's guilty tears Maybe he see the bad we've done What he has caused us to do And wants to wash it away  
I ate the Mount Evrest of chocolate that I craved so long through the day The splendor of candy touched my tongue and I wished for it to stay I entered a world made of chocolate
You do realize a have a life, right? Status quo, all about the numbers, Make up this and that,  Submit one or the other, Take time to... Think about my life.
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