I ate the Mount Evrest of chocolate

that I craved so long through the day

The splendor of candy touched my tongue

and I wished for it to stay

I entered a world made of chocolate

food carved around me, from clay

I got the brownies, the powder, the mounds

And I ate all of it away


Tomorrow I will feel awful

my face will resemble the moon

tiny volcanoes will cover my face

like clovers in full bloom

I think I will feel heavy

from the looming weight I consumed

but know that the next time I crave chocolate

Will not be anytime soon


I ate a chocolate world

Glorious in its taste

I am reminded

It fell to hollow waste


I ate the chocolate factory

And I can be certain that I know

That quenching frivolous thirsts

only causes them to grow

and when the sugar has fade from the tip of your tongue

and all that's left is guilt

I remember the days, the better ones

When I wasn't falling into murky waters

Thoughts collapsing like silt


At the end of the day

My lesson learned, truth discerned

mistakes made that will return, I know

for tomorrow


I do not want chocolate.



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