Too Much, Not Enough

Too much sunlight can kill a rose

Too much water can kill a rose.

Not enough sunlight can kill a rose.

Not enough water can kill a rose.


Too much and not enough.

That's always the problem, isn't it?

There's always too much

Or never enough.

There's almost no in-between, it seems.


Too much love

Too much hate

Too much food

Too much sugar

Too much water

Too much to do

Too much sleep


Not enough love

Not enough hate (Bullshit statement, in my opinion)

Not enough food

Not enough sugar

Not enough water

Not enough to do

Not enough sleep


You're too much.

You're not enough.


Where's the in-between?

Where's the content?

In a world where there's

Too much

Or too little,

Where can you find middle ground?

Is there any to be found?


Make middle ground.

Be the in-between.

You're enough.

You're not too much.

There is such a thing as "just right".

Take the time to find it.


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