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Open skys, please open Wide. Hold my wings and allow me to glide. Take my pain that I hide. And bring through the clouds a brand new tide.
You jetted in and stole my heart away. Left a hole of death in its flame proof space. Leaving flesh to lay, burning and decay.   My heart was her: beauty and acid lace. You had what I wanted and did not care.
The pen is mightier than the sword As the cut is weaker than the word And while your body is greatly scarred In your heart you are even more scared   So I write for you And give you words to heal
Tapping fingers on a desk No one notices Tapping fingers on the keys Everyone laughs Tapping fingers on my head Everything is hurting Tapping fingers on the trigger Nothing
sometimes you dont know how you will feel, sometimes you dont know how you will react, sometimes you are so bottled up you dont know what to do, sometimes you do things you didnt realize you did,
Today I lie in bed all day Not wanting to get up and play With my friends, who am I kidding? I have no friends. So lost and alone. It’s just me, myself, and I. I feel desperate as I pick up the phone
she sees herself as a nobody, and to others shes a nobody by the time shes a somebody she'll again be a nobody.
Parents tried to hear me, People tried to fear me The letter I wrote said “Dear me,” But I wouldn’t let anyone near me Feeling like a doll nailed up against the wall Wanting to fall, and just let go of it all
I shall wait with bated breath, because These lacerations are tattooed on my back Initiating the tears falling down my cheek while the scars Spell out the hurt I’ve endured, Spill out my pain through the wounds and
The mirror this morning hisses at me I hear the croaks of past critique And for some reason, I agree This day is cold and bleak Time sprints in silence And jogs when I speak
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