Me, Myself, and I


United States
34° 43' 8.7276" N, 118° 15' 9.5832" W

Today I lie in bed all day
Not wanting to get up and play
With my friends, who am I kidding?
I have no friends. So lost and alone.
It’s just me, myself, and I.
I feel desperate as I pick up the phone
I hear the dial tone, nobody answers
Nobody cares. I lie in bed as the time passes away
I start to drift into another world, mid-day

I’m in battlefield, fighting for my life
Except there’s no people to fight
No solidiers, no enemies, no friend or foe
I could be going crazy, disillusioned, but I
See myself like a mirror reflection
Just standing there laughing, crying, and weeping
I cry out out let me out of this freak show
When I realize I’m all alone in this cruel dark world
It’s just me, myself, And i. What a sick obsession

I pick up my feel and start walking away
Into nowhere, no how, no sense of direction
My subconscious waste exploding
Into earthly metals. Bombs going off
Into the shadows. Revealing all the people
I’ve put off
Firiends, family, the ordinary laypeople
All staring down at me with disappointment
Shame, regret, embarrassment, and pity
I don’t need your fucking pity I say to the
Power of the appointment

They stare, they laugh, they’re all in it for the humiliation
I walk. Solemly down my path. Shoulders down and depressed
As I get laughed out my own creed and nation
Why am I even here, I stress
Deep down inside the pot starts to boil
The war is starting to heavy and is about to become a big mess
I try to close it all in, but It only makes it worse
My mind turns into a broil
As I start to spin out of control and convulse

It is the next day. And my family is all here.
They’re only here because they have to be
To put pity on some poor soul who was lost and distressed
My friends don’t come? They’re just glad to be free
Of me, myself, and I.
And now they carry me, as I’ve lose myself
In my dreams. As this void swallows me.


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