The Sun

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White hot scion of hydrogen tired of sucking at the irradiated teat you come on relativistic to splash across this electromagnetic sky my sweet electron runaway oh how the the flowers love you!
In bleak seasonI sought out your radiancethe warmth of it spilleddown upon medriving away coldnessin grey days   I baskedworshipingdrinking in lightlike nectar  
A man from the moon and a woman whose been raised by the sun. One of them has found powerful bullets while the other holds the gun.Seldom thoughts of this thing called intimacy that is foreign to their minds.
It's 12:07AM here. I'm thinking about howSome people can listen to laughs in a sea of sadness yet not feel happy for them or marry a heart of blackness after they've already found a rare golden gem. I'm thinking about how A stitch in time saves ni
Our mother is angry. She rattles in her sleep. There's a burning spirit among her. Her children, taking the heat.
he was so bright God, he was bright he made my skin burn when he touched it he made my heart race,  air so thick I couldn't get a breath like the hottest day of mid-July. yes, he was bright
The most daunting task of the day: Getting out of bed. It is easy to let the days go by thinking there is never a reason to get up. But, open your window,  and you will see your reason. the Sun. 
The sun became a sitting star The sun had risen but would not rise petrified in angled style Today the sun survived   The clouds blended Unlike their past A softness ruled
I sit in the sun and stop growing How far away the sun must be from our little rock I close my eyes and feel it burning into me What is it trying to say? I float on, oblivious
One million stars surround me appearing to burn infinitely warming my cold exterior warm hues filled with light captivating my mind and sight painting my blackened sky one by one, the shimmers fade
Our sweet generation lost in space Fuck you to the moon Pissing out of widows and raping the world in a single glance   Can you imagine all puckered lips and spit flying
The sun splahes the sky with a runny orange-purple haze that bathes the land in shiny gleaming evening The light dribbles into my mouth and lines my insides with warmth
I can't remember a time when it was not normal to live in my head this way. To sit on the floor of the bathtub and be content with not washing up or being active in anything in particular. This was my Nirvana.
I draw my strength from the Sun it beats down on me and I let it my time outside makes me strong my feet pound the grass and I sweat out my fear anger pain it all drips off my skin
It shines in the sky, Bringing life and hope with it, It warms the spirit.
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