stop animal abuse

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If I had a dime for every animal I currently own in my house, I’d be $1.10 richer. That's not a lot to most of us. Do you want to know what else isn't a lot?
I am the guardian of humanity  I am loved by most  but some mean to do harm  but I am a good boy I can take it for I shall protect my owner even with my dying breath 
There once was a Kitten Who was destined to heal A nervous troubled yourg girl Who forgot how to feel   The hours they would spend Simply chasing some string Would save going to a shrink
Feels as a human pained like a man it's easy to believe they dont percieve, to justify or pardon the suffering we subject. They dont speak but communicate silently!
Why is suc
I  still have feeling even though I have four legs;When you see me in a cage and I meet eye to eye with you i want to cry; I put my head down when your hand goes up in fear of getting hit;When i won't leave you alone it's because i just want to fe
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