The Kitten

There once was a Kitten

Who was destined to heal

A nervous troubled yourg girl

Who forgot how to feel


The hours they would spend

Simply chasing some string

Would save going to a shrink

Popping pills to make her heart sing


Her plan went astray

One day in the yard

This little girl's father

Thought his life was too hard


He needed to vent

So he sought the weakest pray

Demanded of the kitten



Most would fear the ager in his voice

But this furry quadraped, to comfort him was her choice

So with her tail held high she approached her new friend

Even started to purr, not thinking of the end


What happened next

Is almost too painfull to write

The Father kicked the poor kitten with all his might

There was no one there to covict him of this crime, the devil danced in his mind


There was a price to be paid

For the deed that was done

His little girl would not be healed

By the kitten, now whose days are spent bevond the sun


This poem is about: 
Our world





Chris Faith

Hey buddy, thanks for the comment on my poem "The Kitten"

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