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Sometimes the happiest of eyes have shed the most tears Sometimes the kindest of smiles have known the most unhappiness sometimes the darkest nights come before the brightest mornings And sometimes...
Sometimes I wonder if I’m real If I really exist or if I’m just told that I do I can not prove to you that I exist Nor can you prove to me that you do. Is reality a conscious effort Or perhaps it simply is?
Sometimes we take a breath, Breathe in the clean, crisp air of possibilities, Sometimes we breathe in deep, Lungs full of water, six feet deep.
Sometimes life is awesome Sometimes life is great Sometimes, and only sometimes  We forget to hate.
If you could see inside me
Sometimes we sink in. Someimes we all. Somehow we are consumed For feling so small.   Sometimes we are weak. And, sometimes, that's okay. But then our vision becomes bleak,
Sometimes I envy those Those stick skinny creatures Some call goddesses Humans, not felines Who walk the cat walk They have two faces, But one body Click, flash, print
Sometimes you feel like you alone. Sometimes it is too much.  You miss your mother as soon as you hang up the phone.   Sometimes you feel like angry, like you never have before.
#YOWO, right? I guess I'd better make this count.    "Love is a many-splendored thing..." Right?    Not quite. Love is a very confusing thing. Sometimes I love to be in love.
Sometimes they point.  Sometimes they laugh.  Sometimes they use you,                     And stab you in the back.  Not always do they hurt you.  Not always do they glare.  Not always do they let you
Sometimes music is the only thing that clicks, It might be the fastest thing for an easy fix; Sometimes laughter is the only fence,
Sometimes you try, Sometimes you fail, But at least you tried. Sometimes your happy Sometimes your not. Life sometimes throws you a curve But your pretty curve will get you through
Sometimes Amongst a world of chaos, loss, anonymity, and pain The thing you need the most is to be invisible To no longer try to fit into it all Into all the deceit, The roles of society
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