Sometimes, It Is Up To You


Sometimes music is the only thing that clicks,

It might be the fastest thing for an easy fix;

Sometimes laughter is the only fence,

That can protect you from all the nonsense;

Sometimes black and white is the thing you wish to see,

Because it is just easier to be naïve;

Sometimes we sleep because we are tired,

Or because we can escape into our dreams inspired;

Sometimes words cannot express what you feel inside,

Instead silence and everything in your head collides;

Sometimes you hear people say “Life is short,” and seem sad,

But take your time, it is the longest thing you’ve ever had;

Sometimes life has a way of pushing you to the ground,

But in the end some force helps you stay safe and sound.

Sometimes you feel all these things that make your heart drop,

But you will always have to choose whether or not to make that thinking stop.



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