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One of the brightest students they call me though they do not see the darkness clouding my mind   Want to make everyone happy they say about me though they do not see
“You won’t get into college.”“If you don’t take these classes, you won’t get accepted into the schools you want."
African Americans are ignorantAsians are brilliantWhites are smartThose are all stereotypes that you are led to believe to keep you from what you are trying to achieve or succeed atI am African American
You tell us you're a teacher.                                                                                                                          
I’m not sure I could explain, I wish I could tell you why But I’m not sure myself, and no student would deny That what I’m about to say is the truth; I would never lie.
  Semester starts, we head to school Eager for what we’ll learn As weeks go by we realize We may not get our turn   Every day we wait in class But you are always late
I am a girl often outspoken and misunderstood. I am a girl who is stubborn. I am a girl who is easily distracted, confused, and overwhelmed. I may seem stoic on the outside, but I am quite fragile on the inside.
I know there are constraints, And you really don’t want to hear these complaints, But these desks are in bad shape. It’s like they are being fixed with tape. We move them around So our troubles don’t abound.
You ask me how to change up a classroom I'm only a student I can say make it fun      add some flare                play some games                         watch a movie
  I get up at six in the morning, to hear you go on and on, about shit that makes me start snoring. When the whole class fails a test you blame us, because teacher knows best.
Do I look hot? Doesn’t matter, I’m Late Shit, I forgot To watch my weight   I tried my best I got a 58 I failed that test So I guess I just ate   Don’t think about it
She talks to me Talks to us Like we're brats She walks in with an air of snobiness and speak with thinly veiled vanity The first time we met The first time she met us
"Summer assignments are in. Its just a $20 dollar book." I can already tell that you're judging me because I gave a sickening look I'm sure you can afford it no problem at all
I have an F but I'm not stupid. That online homework, I couldn't do it.  They all have laptops and phones with apps.  I have a job while my mom naps.  Impossible to learn at school. 
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