Willing to Succeed


African Americans are ignorant
Asians are brilliant
Whites are smart
Those are all stereotypes that you are led to believe to keep you from what you are trying to achieve or succeed at
I am African American
I am not ignorant
Education has helped me build a profound vocabulary that continues to expand my mind
You won’t succeed
Because you make too many excuses
If you don’t remember nothing else
Remember excuses are monuments of nothingness and bridges to no where
I will succeed
Help me
Or not
I will get my college degree
Guide me
Or not
I will be success without you beside me
I am African American
I am continuing my education
I am not ignorant
All can be successful
All put in effort and dedication
Strive to become who you wish to become;
Don’t let no one tell you who you have became
You have worked hard to get here
People criticize you to push you back to nowhere
Teacher, I am willing to be taught
But if you are willing to teach me the wrong thing, I will not be willing to learn
Matter of fact I prefer to do it on my own
I am African American
I am in college
I am not ignorant
I am given information
And I just learn on my own
Analyze things in my own formation...


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