Classroom Makeover

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 20:09 -- VTGirl


You ask me how to change up a classroom

I'm only a student

I can say make it fun

     add some flare

               play some games

                        watch a movie

                              don't lecture

                                                       don't take notes

But to be honest, sometimes a student needs that

To relax and take notes

To listen to you drone on and on

Sometimes all a student needs is

a nap

               no homework

                           no projects

                                      no books

                                                    no essays

                                                           no labs

I love to almost fall asleep, realizing I need to jot down a few more lines

Who knows maybe I'm learning more that way

I'm not saying lecture us everyday

I'm not saying constantly hit us with a boring class

Be upbeat one day

                then boring the next

act almost as if you don't care

                    then care about us

don't be expected

             but don't be flaky


               And helpful

Just constantly change it up


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