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2016, the year that became a personified terror(I lost track of the present a couple of times) I finished college last year (FINALLY) but I was lost(I went back to school)
You push me down into dirt,You stay proud of what you blurt,Of all these words screamed out at me:
Maybe I'm feeling all emotional  But I feel so inspired  Life isn't about how much money you have attained  How much knowledge one has acquired  Because in the end it all doesn't matter
Jesus looks like me Her face is brown Her neck is long She cranes her head Over the world She watched behind Red robes. Her curly hair Stands up high It sings praises
What is it that makes a person?   Where you were born?    Then I'm American. Or where your ancestors came from?    Then I'm Filipino. What you do?
What's important to me? Well, you see... I wish to know who I am, or Rather, who I could be, for The 'Self' is always growing Changing and adjusting. It's a constant process
Don't look at me with hope.Don’t look at me with the shine of foreveror the gloss of happily ever after’s.Don’t touch me with the ghost of your lipsor the whisper of your fingertips.Not with the gasps
  Full circle Press forward, harder, stronger…show ’em what you’re made of. Prick your finger – blood.  You are human, Alive.   Harness the light, Grasp it, hold it…be one with it.
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