Who Are You?

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 00:08 -- Salamat
What is it that makes a person?
Where you were born?
   Then I'm American.
Or where your ancestors came from?
   Then I'm Filipino.
What you do?
   Then I'm a student.
Or what you've done?
   Then I'm a criminal.
Is it your successes?
   Then I'm accomplished.
Or is it your failures?
   Then I'm a liar.
Is it who you pray to?
   Then I am the universe.
Or is it who you damn?
   Then I am my father.
Is it how you feel?
   Then I'm thankful.
Or is it how you make others feel?
   Then I'm alone.
Is it the choices you make?
   Then I am free.
Or the choices that make you?


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