You and I

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 00:40 -- IGreenI

You push me down into dirt,
You stay proud of what you blurt,
Of all these words screamed out at me:
"Who do you think you are?" "Who can you be?"


I stand again, wiping hands down on my shirt,
You know the wounds down there will hurt,
You know you can kick me in the knee,
But, hey, come on, look up at me.

I smile, I smirk, I cross my hands,
There is no place there for your twisted plans -
I stand strong, I look ahead,
You know the words that stayed unsaid.

You see the power in my eyes,
For me, there is nothing to disguise, for I!
I look down at you, because I know,
That there is nothing that could prove to me
That I can't outgrow.

That I can't follow up my dreams,
That I don't deserve reassuring screams,
That I can't reach the glory and the love,
That I can't handle a tease or punch, or shove.

I have a goal, I will never fall apart,
I have things I love with all my heart,
When down, I will have my solace,
Before you see me rise above you, flawless.


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