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In the light I awaken, in my mothers womb in my mothers house in my dirty hands in dirt.    In the dark I ponder,  in the office in the papers filled with numbers
“Same”- sounds safe. Almost easy Because When I wake up everyday, I knew I knew what tomorrow held   So used was I
The Kaffeeklatch It's 9AM on a Monday. The Grey haired seniors gather at the same ol' coffee shop, wearing their varied camouflage, sports, and veterans hats.
I wake up early with my hair very curly. I have woken up to get a coffee cup. Today I called my friend because there is school to attend. I need to go to school or I will be a fool.
Everyday people wake up to the same old routines we kick off the blankets,stretch, then stare into space wondering just how the day may play out ; will the day be blue or grey?
Midday and I can't wait to sleep, Night comes and closed lids just won't keep. Then wake arrives to my defeat; Low energy, 12 hour day, Repeat.
Spend some time with me and watch the dawn break. Linger a while longer,and to me cling. Let it all collide and watch the world wake.  
School, eat, sleep, repeat “Mommy, can I go and play with Jenna?” “No, you must study and never cheat.”   School, eat, sleep, repeat “Mother, can I have a cookie?”
I catch you summer breeze and suddenly time stops, A moment of appreciation sets in. It seems you wait until I have forgotten your cool touch. I can't help but feel a smile begin.  
Day after day after day It's the same old story...
Let the sunshine in   Then block it out   It's raining in my head   I'm swimming in the clouds   Thunder in the skies  
She told herself, "Just a little nap; fifteen minutes, no more than that." A great, wide yawn, and then it was dawn. She had unfinished homework. Oh crap.
Same alarm clock every morning. Same old bed in the same house. Same old church around the corner. Same old games of cat and mouse.
He wakes at five to brew the first pot of coffee, Fully aware that he will throw half of it out. Pungent sludge that oozes from the mug like molasses, Today-as every day.  
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