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i am not afraid of the burns they are merely proof that i lived
You've alluded me thus far Yet ever near do you draw Just outside the reach of hand Seperated only by the wallows of man
It's the words of your life You know proof on repeat all day Beat's by Taylor Slim shady' so shady Dropping bombs Faster than you can say sabotage Life's not what you think If you've ever been
Are you down  For some  Of those haters hating Down for  Making thousands of haters That are just disguised as fans Who won't admit they like your shi* They're to busy Wanting to be you
To show the world my spirit My talent My skills To prove to them that I am strong I can do it I can succeed To prove them wrong
I don't say much except  Thanks for the juice I don't need much except Thanks for the juice Proof is written in the stars Thanks for the juice The drive to survive and what's fuel inside
When I go around the world I see the worst. I wonder why phliosphors try. Do they hope to find goodness or prove evil exists? I see people who want change, but are not prepared for the consequences. People who want to stay the same, I know theirs...
        It began with button. “Butt-uhnn” I said excitedly while pointing at my mother's navel, and then my own indentation where I was once attached.  
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