What is there to Prove?

When I go around the world I see the worst. I wonder why phliosphors try. Do they hope to find goodness or prove evil exists? I see people who want change, but are not prepared for the consequences. People who want to stay the same, I know theirs are the first lost to time. Those who say we have it all, are often the first to fall. I see people who are gulity find they were innocent all along. I hear those who say we should seperate from the world, when the world will not seperate from us. I see those who are blind can see, and those who can see are blind. I hear those who say that we should fight terror, when they fail to realize they have become the monster. I see those who want to destroy faith, and those with faith want to enslave us all. I see those who still blame themsleves for their ancestor's mistakes. I hear those who say their both right, when I know they have both been wrong. If there are gods we have failed them. If there are no gods, then we have failed Life. If we are meant to be, then why do we not act like it? If we are not, then what is the point in trying?

If you think I'm wrong....

why don't you prove to me....

that mankind.....

is the superior being?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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